Christmas is our favorite time of year. First of all, it is the celebration of my Lord's birth. Then you add the lights and the singing and the gift-giving. Well, it all seems so magical. However, this year seems to be the year for a lot of our friends to lose loved ones. Death is a very hard thing to go through. Even though the bible teaches us that we are supposed to rejoice in ones passing. It is still very hard to say goodbye. Knowing you will never hear that voice again, or feel that hug again. or to hear them laugh again. It is so hard. For Christians, we believe that we are a service to God. Once we have completed whatever it is God needs us to do, our time here on earth is done. In fact, it isn't goodbye after all. It's just another Journey we all must take. Doesn't make it any easier, just something that happens. So to all our friends. Our hearts, our love, and prayers go out to you today and every day in hopes that you find comfort in this time of struggle. As from the words of the scriptures, First Peter 5;7 casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you. God Bless Everyone.