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surviving disaster

It's that time of year when the kids graduate and move away. whether it is for college or a great job offer. The question you ask yourself is, "are they prepared to take care of themselves"? In today's world of handouts and freebies. Many people believe that the government will be there to fix everything or there will always be someone there to rescue them. But that all changes when disaster hits. Rescuers are now needing to be rescued and everyone is fending for themselves.   Every year more than nearly 200 million people are impacted by natural disasters. Thousands are killed and many more are seriously injured. People are displaced and family lives are lost. But just a few simple changes in your lifestyle routine a day could make the difference of whether you live or die. Of course, natural disasters and unnatural disasters do not happen every day.  But knowing you are and your kids are prepared for it, is a heavy load off of your mind. 

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